Cookie Highlights

Advanced cookie management made easy.

Simple but Powerful

Simple enough for even the most technophobic computer users, yet Cookie makes no compromises for power users. After a quick initial setup, Cookie will protect your privacy, keeping you safe from tracking and online profiling just the way you want.

Tracking cookie detection

Advanced detection and removal of spying and tracking cookie threats. Select favorite domains for all cookie types to completely customise your browsing experience. Setup automatic removal schedules for even better peace of mind.

Secure data removal

Configure Cookie to securely delete data to protect from in-house privacy concerns. Data is destroyed to US Department of Defense DoD 5220.22-M standards, making data recovery impossible.

Comprehensive cookie control

Total control over all cookie storage: HTTP cookies, Flash cookies, Silverlight, HTML5 databases, localStorage, IndexedDB as well as browser history and caches. Rest assured Cookie has all your private data covered.

Cookie Screenshots

Powerful cookie management you can understand.

A snap to setup

Super easy to setup and configure.

Highly configurable

Configure to your hearts content.

Precise cookie management

Fine grained cookie control.

Cookie Questions

A quick introduction to Cookies, and your right to privacy.

What are cookies?

Cookies are used by websites to store data on your computer, which can be then transmitted back to the server. For example, cookies can store such information as shopping cart contents, login data, search history or browsing history. This data whilst mostly harmless, and even useful - can potentially be shared amongst different websites - effectively tracking exactly where you go, what you search for and creating an online profile of you for targeting marketing.

Why should I remove them?

Because its your data, your privacy! Your browsing habits shouldn't be up for sale to the highest bidder. Company X doesn't need to know you searched for products from company Y three weeks ago. And company Z doesn't need to know you just bought a pair of fluffy pink rabbit slippers from company X. These companies would all argue that it makes YOUR life easier knowing all this information about you. But in reality its just an invasion of your privacy.

Why use Cookie?

Cookies come in a number of different forms: HTTP cookies, Flash cookies, Isolated Storage, Local Storage, Databases, IndexedDB's etc... and Cookie takes away the headache of managing all of these.

Just set it and forget it. After a quick 5min setup, Cookie will automatically remove all your private data to whatever schedule you choose. It couldn't be easier!

What does Cookie support?

  • macOS 10.6.8 or better (Yosemite recommended) for macOS 10.11, get Cookie 5
  • Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Chromium, Opera, Camino
  • Localised for English, German, French, Italian and Brazilian Portuguese

Cookie Reviews

Don't take our word for it, see what others are saying about Cookie.

Extremely easy to use, but also extremely extensive cookie and database destruction

by TheMadMacMan - Version - 4.2 - May 24, 2015 - USA

I‘ve had this app for a year or so now and the best part is I think the ease-of-use. A lot of non-IT people (very much UNlike myself) who are probably turned off by utility apps like these, because they think that they may not understand and are afraid that they’ll do something wrong to completely freeze up their Macs. Nothing could be further from the truth here. This app has highly advanced features, but using the app is simple and quick. I suggest going with auto-launching Cookie and then using it from the menu bar. Thanks to the developers for this great app. Windows, eat your heart out! :-D

An Awesome Program!

by GustafReview - Version - 3.5.1 - Feb 19, 2015 - Sweden

Possibly one of the best Applications on here. You can add cookies to whitelist/blacklist or do it to entire websites. You can choose so that it throws away non favorites every 5 minute, every 15 minute or on quit. Or both! Very worth it if you know what youre doing.

Simple to use, perfect funcionality. Simply the best

by lancon - Version - 3.0.28 - Apr 16, 2014 - Denmark

You get what they promise. Total management of cookies. simple to use. When running, it maintains itself and manage cookies without You noticing. Smooth and simple operation.


by jwp3 - Version - 3.5.1 - Mar 23, 2015 - Canada

This app just gets better and better. Developer is very quick to respond to comments and suggestions. Highly recommended.